Date: August 31, 2011

Featured Deal: CCMC Data Center:
500 Enterprise Drive, Rocky Hill


Situation:  Connecticut Children’s Medical Center determined the need to establish a data center at an off-site location in order meet the anticipated growth of their technology needs.

Solution:  RM Bradley was asked to either find an existing data center that they could take over or a suitable location for one to be built.  Because of the critical nature of this location and its 24 hour 7 day a week operation, the ability to locate a very large back-up power system was vitally important.  After an extensive search of the market for all space conducive for a data center,  RM Bradley was able to secure space that met their needs at 500 Enterprise Drive in Rocky Hill.  CCMC entered into a ten (10) year 22,000 square foot lease that they will begin to occupy in September. This new site will accommodate over 100 people anticipated to be located at this location.

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