Date: February 1, 2011

Featured Deal: Connecticut Children's Medical Center:
60 Hartland Street, East Hartford

Tenant: CT Children’s Medical Center                     
Address: 60 Hartland Street, East Hartford          
Services Provided: Tenant Representation    
Deal: Approx. 41,000 SF including an 11,400 SF expansion 

Situation:   Due to continued growth, CT Children’s Medical Center (CCMC) needed to find space for a group relocating from the Hospital’s main campus.  Having established what has become a non medical “satellite campus” in East Hartford’s Founders Plaza, there was a strong desire to relocate there.  Due to a lack of space availability in Founders Plaza and the timing of the requirement, it was uncertain if the relocation would move forward.

Solution:    After months of negotiating, RM Bradley was able to work with the Landlord’s broker to relocate an existing tenant in 60 Harland Street into another building owned by the Landlord which created the space CCMC needed to relocate and occupy the entire building.  RM Bradley was able to secure exterior signage for CCMC as well as a substantial Tenant Improvement Allowance, providing for full renovations of the space as well as upgrades to the building’s HVAC systems.  In addition, the Landlord agreed to other base building upgrades as directed by CCMC.

This deal allowed CCMC to continue their growth in Founders Plaza and further build on the campus environment they have tried to create in a satellite location.  

RM Bradley is proud to be a strategic partner with CCMC providing a full range of real estate services. 

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