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Energy Efficiency Programs, Boston, MA
RM Bradley has notable experience in creating significant cost savings through the re-engineering of utility consumption. Specific projects have included lighting retrofit programs, installation of state of the art Direct Digital Control (DDC) systems, and the installation of variable speed drives.

Our approach in this area is to undertake an energy audit by the Operations/Engineering staff at each facility to determine the overall condition of mechanical/electrical systems and to determine the applicable energy conservation measures currently in place. From the initial audit we then concentrate on the existing facility preventive maintenance programs and determine the level of existing operating efficiencies. Having completed these exercises, the specific systems/equipment are segmented and categorized into groups, potential level of opportunity and required investment to achieve any projected savings. We then develop short and long term strategic plans with specific process flows for specific areas of opportunity.

Streamlining Costs through Energy Efficiency Programs

Energy conservation measures and programs implemented at a 900,000 square foot mixed-use facility in Boston, MA., resulted in decreased electrical consumption of over 2.3 Million KWH annually, representing an 18% reduction